Indian pharmaceutical companies-members of ipma continue to work in ukraine despite huge drop in sales – IPMA

Indian pharmaceutical companies-members of ipma continue to work in ukraine despite huge drop in sales – IPMA

The retail pharmaceutical market of Ukraine in March-June 2022 fell by 30-40% in monetary terms and by 20-30% in kind compared to the same period in 2021, hospital purchases dropped by 70-80%.

Such assessments of the development of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market in the first half of 2022 were announced to Interfax-Ukraine by the Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IPMA).

“The pharmaceutical market of Ukraine in the first half of 2022, except for January and February, plummeted by 30-40%. The volume of sales of over-the-counter and prescription drugs fell by 30-40% in monetary terms and in packages by 20-30%, the volume of hospital supplies of medicines dropped by 70-80%,” IPMA said.

At the same time, the association said that “the distribution channel was disrupted, and distributors and pharmacy chains had to compensate for losses due to the bombardment of their warehouses and their pharmacies.”

According to IPMA participants, sales in the first two months since the start of the war in money and packages fell by 70%. In the following months, the fall was slightly less, but the average level of decline for six months is about 40%.

In particular, the IPMA member company Konark Intelmed(Kharkiv)/Euro Lifecare PVT ltd. (India, a representative office in Kyiv) said that the company had to move its warehouse, which was located in Kharkiv, to the west of Ukraine.

IPMA said that due to the complexity of logistics, Indian pharmaceutical companies were unable to quickly establish supplies after the sudden cessation of direct air and sea communications with Ukraine.

The association said that “all Indian companies participating in IPMA remained to work in the Ukrainian market, although some had to significantly reduce their activities.”

“Our pharmaceutical companies are still rebuilding to work in the new conditions, but we continue to work on the Ukrainian market,” IPMA said.

The association reported that Indian pharmaceutical companies have provided assistance to Ukraine in the form of medicines and financial assistance, supported and continue to support Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave their homes.

In particular, in the first months of the war, when the shortage of medicines was particularly acute, the IPMA participant, the Indian pharmaceutical company Macleods, provided medical aid to Ukraine in the amount of about UAH 27 million. It included hemostatic drugs, antibiotics, cardio- and other drugs. The company continues to provide assistance.

The pharmaceutical marketing company Euro Lifecare together with the Ukrainian pharmaceutical distributor Konark Intelmed, in addition to helping Kharkiv, has already shipped humanitarian aid worth more than UAH 22.3 million and continues to help Ukrainians.

The Abril company has already resumed importing its products so that Ukrainian patients and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine can count on their help and support. Earlier, the company sent charity aid with antibiotics in the amount of about UAH 10 million.

In addition, IPMA joined the initiative of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky UNITED24 and transferred UAH 500,000 in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Independence Day of Ukraine.

“All our assistance is for the sake of the life and health of Ukrainians and for the approach of victory and peace in Ukraine. Despite all the challenges, Indian pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine continue to support Ukrainian patients by providing access to high-quality and affordable medicines and providing humanitarian assistance, as well as supporting their Ukrainian employees, providing access to labor and paying taxes,” IPMA said.

Predicting the further development of the market, the association said that “the state of Ukraine is increasing the share of sales through government procurement, and in some places they also buy Indian drugs.”

“Indian pharmaceutical companies – members of IPMA are making significant efforts to effectively provide the healthcare system of Ukraine with the necessary medicines, maintain supply chains and partnerships,” the association said.